Getting Started


Via RubyGems

> gem install test_bench

Via Bundler

# Gemfile
source ''

gem 'test_bench', group: :development

# Or

group :development do
  gem 'test_bench'

Initialize TestBench

Place a test initialization file at test/test_init.rb.

# test/test_init.rb

# Load the code to be tested
require_relative '../lib/my/code.rb'

# Load TestBench
require 'test_bench'

# Activate TestBench

Activating TestBench with TestBench.activate makes the core DSL available in test files.

The effect of activating TestBench is very limited. It adds TestBench's core API methods to Ruby's main object, which is the Ruby script runner. Activating TestBench has no effects on any other objects or classes in the Ruby system except for the main script runner.

It's not strictly necessary to activate TestBench in order to use it. See the Using TestBench Without Monkey Patching recipe for specifics.

Load the Test Initialization File

At the top of every test file, load the test_init.rb file.

# test/automated/example.rb

require_relative '../test_init'

context "Some Example" do
  test "Some test" do
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